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The FocusBug Cine RT ultrasonic rangefinder system provides fast and precise distance measurements for focus pullers. The system comprises of a Base Sensor unit, Handset Control unit, LED Display unit and Ultrasonic Bug Transmitter.

The Base Sensor operates as both a rangefinder and receiver for tracking the Bug transmitter, while sending constant distance information to the Handset and High-Bright LED Display. The miniature Bug transmits continuous focus tracking information and can be worn by actors/ stand-ins.

The Cine RT System has a line-of-sight range of up to 800′, can store up to eight editable focus marks.

What's included

1x Ultrasonic Base Sensor

1x Handset Control Unit

1x High-Bright LED Display Unit

1x Ultrasonic Bug Transmitter

1x Horn Protector

2x Articulating Cine Arms

2x 16x9 Cine Lock

4x CineRT Aerials

2x Dtap - Lemo power cable

1x CineRT Serial cable

1x AC Adapter

1x USB charging cable

FocusBug Cine RT System

Advanced ultrasonic rangefinder and distance tracker
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