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The IBE S35xVV Optical Expander was designed to expand the image projection of Super 35 PL lenses to allow coverage of Full Frame/ Large Format/ Vista Vision sensors. The expander employs a magnification factor of 1.66x and a light loss of 1.46 stops is incurred. This is achieved with minimal optical degradation

When using the IBE S35xVV Optical Expander, the effective focal length of any attached lens will be increased by a factor of 1.66x. For example, a 24mm lens will be 40mm, a 35mm lens will be 58mm, and a 80mm lens will be 133mm. A loss of 1.46 stops of light will be incurred across all lenses

The IBE S35xVV is compatible with a large array of Super 35 PL lenses, however it is recommended to enquire before booking to ensure compatibility. Please note that this expander is only compatible with PL lenses and lens mounts. The IBE S35xVV Optical Expander is not compatible with mirror/ reflex cameras.

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PL mount

IBE S35xVV Optical Expander

S35 to FF expander in PL mount
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