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TRINITY is the first hybrid camera stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced active electronic stabilization, provided via 32-bit ARM-based gimbal technology. This combination results in five axes of control and enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging, and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shooting and total creative freedom. 
New angles for the operator and new storytelling options for the director and cinematographer are possible with TRINITY. By inverting the post, the camera can be moved from low mode to high mode during a shot; using the joystick-controlled, fully stabilized tilt axis to look up or down during this motion is also possible, so a low angle can smoothly transition into an over-the-shoulder shot. By holding the post at 45 degrees and twisting it left or right, the camera can even look around corners, whether in low or high mode. Additional stabilization in the roll axis permits the use of telephoto lenses. Extraordinary new shots, angles, and movements are achievable when TRINITY is used in its fully stabilized mode. For situations that call for a more traditional operating style, TRINITY can be switched into a locked mode in which the tilt axis is connected directly to the post in the traditional manner.

  • 12V / 24V,  high capacity wiring

  • hot swap technology

  • 2 x 3G HD SDI, 1 x SD (HD) video

  • USB power out

  • D-Tap power out

  • video power out

  • focus power out

  • aux power out

  • tally system

What's included

1x Arri Trinity Stabilised Head

1x Arri Pendulum Base Fitting

1x Arri Artemis Cine Broadcast Kit Complete - to include:

1x Arri Artemis EFP HD 1.8" Sled

1x Arri Artemis 26Kg High Capacity Arm

1x Walter Klassen Back Mounted Vest

1x Camera Dovetail

1x Transvideo Rainbow HD 7 SBL 

1x Arri Alexa Powering Cable

1x Post Tool

1x 1.5mm Hex Key

1x 2mm Hex Key

1x 4mm Hex Key

1x Cam Power / EFP / 12V XLR HiCap 

1x Cam Power / EFP / 12V HiCap / ALEXA 

1x Cam Power / EFP / 12V HiCap / ALEXA Mini 

1x artemis Monitor Bracket 6´´ / 140 mm Rods / 1.5” clamp 

1x 12V Power Cable / Camera & Monitor 

3x BNC Cable



ARRI TRINITY Stabilised Head

A unique 5-axis hybrid stabiliser that combines classic mechanical stabilisation with advanced gimbal technology.
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