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The Easy Rig Vario 4 gives the advantage of both a handheld and tripod mounted camera. It also improves steadinees beacuase of the integrated hip and back support.

The load is redistributed with the Easy Rig Vario 4 relieving the users back and shoulders. 

What's included
  • 1x Easy Rig Vario 4
  • 1x Bag
Spec name
Spec description

8.6 lbs


Camera Support

Camera Type

Remote head


Atomos Samurai


HD-SDI feed to external recorder

Up to 40 lbs

Up to 8 preset positions of pan, tilt, zoom, focus

Lens Mount


1080i - 50,1080i - 59.94, 720P - 50, 720P - 59.94

Easy Rig Vario 4

Camera / Back Support
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