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A dynamic and invaluable production tool that can achieve smooth continous shots. 



What's included
  • 1x Large Steadicam stand
  • 1x Sandbag

Vest Contents:

  • 1x Vest
  • 1x Pouch
  • 1x Pump
  • 1x Box of blister pads
  • 4x Spare straps
  • 2x Spare ratchets
  • 1x Spare buckle
  • 1x Bag of spare screws

Arm Case:

  • 1x Arm in pelicase
  • 1x Vest to arm bracket
  • 1x Locking pin
  • 1x Flat head screw driver
  • 1x Low mode
  • 1x Rope

Sled Case:

  • 1x Steadicam Master sled
  • 1x Monitor
  • 1x VCT-14 plate
  • 1x Cheese plate
  • 2x Weight plates
  • 1x Allen key set
  • 2x Small screws
  • 2x Large screws
  • 2x 4 pin - XLR splitters
  • 2x 4 pin XLR (female) - 2 pin lemo
  • 1x 4 pin XLR (female) - 3 pin lemo
  • 2x Short BNC
  • 1x D-tap - 4 pin XLR (female)
  • 4x BNC barrels
  • 1x Right angle BNC
  • 1x Transvideo Monitor Mount
  • 1x Chrosziel baseplate
  • 2x Poly bags for arm and sled

Monitor Box:

  • 1x Transvideo Cinemonitor 8HD
  • 2x Short BNC
  • 1x BNC Barrel
  • 2x Whitworth screws
  • 1x Noga arm
  • 1x Nano clamp
  • 1x Raincover pieces for monitor

Steadicam Accessories Box:

  • 5x AB Batts - Hytron 140
  • 1x Anton Bauer dual charger
  • 1x IEC
  • 1x Steadicam dock
Spec name
Spec description

20 - 45 lbs

Control at system centre of gravity, no tools adjustments and can be adjusted while fully loaded

Analogue Video 3 x RCA

Lightweight video link.

No tools adjustments, modular components for field replacement

8" Transvideo Cinemonitor HD

30" dual action Iso-eleastic.

Steadicam Master

Camera Stabilising Rig
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