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The Angénieux 22-60mm T3 is cine zoom designed for large sensor full frame / VistaVision cameras. Built in a full metal casing, with internal thermal drift compensation, which allows focus to remain constant when the temperature changes. Focus / Zoom / T-stop can be controlled precisely due to the wide rotation angle of the 3 control rings, which are also equipped with cinema industry standard gear teeth. The lens size remains consistent across the zoom range due to the internal focusing & zooming mechanism. 

Thanks to the Angénieux innovative system, the ability to convert lens mounts, and the image circle size makes the Type EZ ideal for a range of camera bodies. The lens is available to hire as either 15-40mm T2 for S35 sensor camera bodies or can be shipped for VistaVision / FF sensor bodies as 22-60mm T3. 

What's included

1 x Angénieux EZ-2 22-60mm T3 FF

Angénieux EZ-2 22-60mm T3 FF

Wide cinematic zoom optimised for full-frame and VistaVision sensors.
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