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The ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses are designed for cinematic large-format sensor coverage, making them the ideal choice for current and future camera systems. At T1.5 the ZEISS Supreme Primes demonstrate their unsurpassed craftsmanship in tricky low-light environments. They give the creator absolute control by revealing subtly nuanced details in deep shadows and bright highlights.

A very smooth transition between in-focus and out of focus areas characterise the unique look of the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses. This adds richer texture and greater depth to the image. The lenses are developed for modern digital cinematography with cutting-edge optics and key enhancements to aid the HDR process. They maintain dynamic range and micro contrast levels fine-tuned to bring out details in the shadows and the mids.

The set was recently used by DoP Ben Spence to shoot TEOTFW S2.

What's included

1 x 18mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF14" FD114mm

1 x 21mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF13.7" FD95mm

1 x 25mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF10" FD95mm

1 x 29mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF13" FD95mm

1 x 35mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF13" FD95mm

1 x 40mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF17" FD95mm

1 x 50mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF18" FD95mm

1 x 65mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF2' FD95mm

1x 85mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF2'9" FD95mm

1 x 100mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF3'9" FD95mm

1 x 135mm Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 CF4'5" FD114mm

PL Mount

Zeiss Supreme Prime Lenses

Full Frame PL lens set including 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 65, 85, 100, 135mm T1.5
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