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The SL MINI MIX is the RGB version of the popular bi-colour MINI Switch. The MIX technology features a blend of six LEDs: red, lime, green, blue, amber and white. This enables the MINI MIX fixture to generate a wide gamut of colors and create accurate Rosco gel matches that have been authenticated by Rosco’s colour experts.

The MINI MIX allows filmmakers to add coloured accent lighting wherever they need it. The ultra-thin, lightweight fixture features a powerful array of emitters that can produce virtually any colour desired.

There are no complicated menus on the MINI MIX. Simply choose between three different modes: White Mode, Gel Mode and Colour Mode, then choose the colour temperature, hue or Rosco gel colour and adjust as needed. All of these features are available using the fixture’s on-board controls, or via the myMIX app from your mobile device.

Comes in a kit of 2.

What's included

2 x DMG Lumière SL MINI MIX Heads 
2x DMG Plastic Diffusion sheets
2 x DMG Lumière Battery Ballasts 
2 x DMG Lumière Mains Ballasts 
2x DOP Choice Soft Boxes with diffusion
2 x IECs 
2 x Backing Clamps 
2 x C Stands 

V Lock battery kits available upon request.


DMG Lumière's powerful, versatile RGB Light that comes in a set of 2.
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